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August Bands


Friday, August 7th * Buzz Delaney 7-9pm

Saturday, August 8th * Buckshot 6-10pm 

Sunday, August 9th * Drunk Uncle 3-7pm


Friday, August 14th * Renne Avilia 7-9pm

Saturday, August 15th * JRK Project 6-10pm

Sunday, August 16th * G.W Toye 3-7pm


Friday, August 21st * Jeremy Langdale 7-9

Saturday, August 22nd *Bottle Cap Rockets 6-10pm

Sunday, August 23rd * Swamp Tones 3-7pm 


Friday, August 28th * Scott Williams

Saturday, August 29th * Three Days Till Sunday 6-10pm

Sunday,August 30th *  Slip Shot 3-7pm


September Band Line Up. . . . . .


Friday, September 4th * J.P 7-9pm

Saturday, September 5th *Bad Dogs 6-10pm

Sunday, September 6st * Farmer Phil Band 3-7pm


Friday, September 11th * Willie Wet Cat Jones 7-9pm

Saturday, September 12th * Russel Clemmens 6-10pm

Sunday, September 13th * Steel Rail Blues 3-7pm


Friday, September 18th * Buzz Delaney 7-9pm

Saturday, September 19th * Side FX's Band 6-10pm

Sunday, September 20th * Another Time Band 3-7pm


Friday, September 25th * Renee Alivia 7-9pm

Saturday, September 26st * Drunk Uncle 6-10pm

Sunday, September 27* Buzz Delaney Band 3-7pm






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